Tidal Marsh Vegetation Species Distribution Models

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This dataset may be visualized and downloaded at Future San Francisco Bay Tidal Marshes, A Climate Smart Planning Tool

Basic Information

Maps of the distribution of tidal marsh plant species were created using generalized additive models (Hastie and Tibshirani 1990). Species modeled: Saltgrass, alkali-heath, SF Bay gumplant, jaumea, wirerush, pepperweed, giant reed, pickleweed, hard-stem tule, three-square bullrush, smooth cordgrass, California cordgrass, cattail.

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org: Point Blue Conservation Science
PRBO Conservation Science
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Temporal Coverage: 
2010 - 2110
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Parameters / Choices
A dataset often contains many geodata layers representing the same kind of measurement, but for different values of some parameters - time periods, models or scenarios, different species, etc. A value must be chosen for each such parameter in order to select a specific layer or raster which associated a single value with each geographic location (cell). The parameters or choices relevant to selecting layers from this dataset are described here.
Time Units: 
20-year time periods
Multi-year Ranges: 
Present (2010), 2030, 2050, 2070, 2090, 2110

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