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Maximizing evolutionary potential under climate change in southern California protected areas.

Project Information

The project objective is to transfer to California a previously developed prioritization framework that combines intraspecific genetic and morphological variation with traditionally used indices of biodiversity, and test its general utility for conservation prioritization. This project integrates existing data on intraspecific variation of multiple species in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreational Area with climate data and space-borne measurements of the environment to identify areas with high intraspecific variation.

(Improvements to the model and porting to the open source R package continued after the final report, and are included in the data and scripts here)

Full Proposal Title: 
Maximizing evolutionary potential under climate change in southern California protected areas
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Thomas B Smith,
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Products of this project

Titlesort descending Deliverable Type Release Date Commons Catalog Record or External Link
Data on Intraspecific Variation Datasets / Database May 2015
Determining the drivers of population structure in a highly urbanized landscape to inform conservation planning Publication Aug 2015
Final Report: Maximizing Evolutionary Potential Under Climate Change in Southern California Protected Areas Report Dec 2013
Maps of areas of overlapping high genetic variation of multiple species Datasets / Database May 2015
Maps of the projected impacts of climate change on intraspecific variation Map May 2015
New layers describing anthropogenic barriers Datasets / Database May 2015
Toolbox for assessing impacts on intraspecific variation Applications and Tools May 2015