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Species Distribution Modeling and Conservation Planning Training Workshop

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Most natural resource managers, planners and policy makers are now dependent upon spatially explicit environmental suitability and spatial allocation analyses to inform policy and management decisions. However, staff across agencies has been unable to stay current on understanding and applying these new data, tools and analyses. Currently, this information may be underutilized or used inappropriately, which could result in poor decisions. Two training curriculums will be developed - one for managers and one for GIS analysts - on current best practices for developing and using spatial information to support conservation decision making. The training materials will be open-source and widely distributed to California LCC stakeholders.

Addendum. The workshop was held Sept 2013, and the workshop materials are available on the Climate Commons.
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Develop Analyses, Modeling, and Decision Support System Training Curriculum to Support Improved Plant and Animal Conservation in the Face of Climate Change
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Sam Veloz,
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Products/Data Sharing: For our project we will develop a training curriculum for both courses
that will include sample data, multimedia, and module lesson plans. The courses themselves will
open to anyone interested but the target audiences will be planners, managers, and technical
analysts (usually GIS Specialists). We will make final course content and curriculum available
through partner websites and the California Climate Commons.

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Structured Conservation Workshop Materials Training / Outreach / Workshop Sep 2013