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Assessing Threats to Ecosystem Services on California Rangelands

These interactive maps display results from a scenario analysis on the integrated effects of future land use and climate change on rangeland ecosystem services within the California Rangeland Conservation Coalition focus area (the California Central Valley and surrounding foothills). A three-map viewer allows users to view and compare results at the watershed scale across three scenarios simultaneously. Maps are available for the following metrics: 1) Change in the percentage of watershed area with critical habitat, 2) Percent change in grassland soil carbon sequestration potential, 3) Percent change in climatic water deficit relative to the 1981-2010 climate period, 4) Ratio of recharge to runoff for three 30-year climate periods, 4) Water-Wildlife Hotspots: areas where changes in water availability (recharge plus runoff) and loss of critical habitat coincide, and 5) Average percent change in multiple ecosystem services from 2010 to 2040. Methods for scenario development and metric calculations are also provided along with links to project presentations.

Kristin Byrd
USGS Western Geographic Science Center
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