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MC1 Dynamic Vegetation Model

MC1 is a dynamic vegetation model for estimating the distribution of vegetation and associated ecosystem fluxes of carbon, nutrients, and water. It was created to assess the potential impacts of global climate change on ecosystem structure and function at a wide range of spatial scales from landscape to global. The model incorporates transient dynamics to make predictions about the patterns of ecological change. MC1 was created by combining physiologically based biogeographic rules defined in the MAPSS model with a modified version of the biogeochemical model, CENTURY. MC1 includes a fire module, MCFIRE, that mechanistically simulates the occurrence and impacts of fire events.

See also: Data Basin Article MC1 Dynamic Global Vegetation Model, by Dominique Bachelet and the many collections of outputs produced by projects using the MC1 model found therein.

Forestry Sciences Laboratory, Oregon State University
Forestry Sciences Laboratory, Oregon State University

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