LCC Projects related to South Coast ecoregion

Project Name Project Lead / Organization Status / Dates Proposals
Assessing the impacts of future climates and fire on hydrologic regimes in the Mediterranean-type ecosystems of southern California Emma Underwood, UC Davis, and Lorraine Flint, USGS (Science Co-Leads), and Hugh Safford (Natural Resource Management Lead), Regional Ecologist, US Forest Service
UC Davis Department of Environmental Science and Policy
In Progress
2015-07-01 -
PDF icon 2015 Proposal $139,996
Climate Science Alliance - South Coast Amber Pairis,
California Department of Fish & Wildlife
In Progress
2015-01-01 -
Decision support for climate change adaptation and fire management strategies for at risk species in southern California Helen Regan,
University of California - Riverside
2011-09 -
PDF icon 2011 Proposal $99,867
Ecologically Relevant Pacific Coastal Fog Datasets Alicia Torregrosa,
US GS - Pacific Geographic Science Center
2011-09 -
PDF icon 2011 Proposal $99,883
Effects of Climate Change on Inland Fishes of California Peter Moyle,
University of California - Davis
2011-09 -
PDF icon 2011 Proposal $92,564
Incorporating Climate-Smart Adaptive Strategies into Wetlands Recovery in Coastal Southern California Eric Stein,; Megan Cooper,
Southern California Coastal Water Research Project, California Coastal Conservancy
In Progress
2014-07 -
PDF icon 2014 Proposal$157,622, PDF icon SCC+SCCWRP project summary_12182015.pdf
Maximizing evolutionary potential under climate change in southern California protected areas. Thomas B Smith,
University of California - Los Angeles - Center for Tropical Research Institute of the Environment and Sustainability
In Progress
2011-09 -
PDF icon 2012 Proposal $82,190
Sea-level rise modeling across the California salt marsh gradient
Karen Thorne,
US GS - Western Ecological Research Center
2011-07 -
PDF icon 2011 Proposal $95,000, PDF icon 2013 Proposal $50,000
Setting Regional Strategies for Invasive Plant Management Doug Johnson,
California Invasive Plant Council
2011-07 -
PDF icon 2010 Proposal $96,523, PDF icon 2012 Proposal $94,706, PDF icon 2013 Proposal $49,000
Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Planning for National Forest Lands in Southern California
Jessi Kershner,; Chrissy Howell,; Sarah Sawyer,
EcoAdapt, US Forest Service
2014-10 -
PDF icon 2014 Proposal $52,886

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