Climate Adaptation Data: Downscaled Climate Models

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Type: Dataset
Titlesort descending Creator Date Subjects
Bias Corrected and Downscaled WCRP CMIP3 Climate and Hydrology Projections Bureau of Reclamation, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Santa Clara University,Climate Central, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and the U.S. Geological Survey 2007 climate modeling, hydrologic modeling
CliMond: global climatologies for bioclimatic modelling Kriticos, Darren J., Webber, Bruce L., Leriche, Agathe, Ota, Noboru, Macadam, Ian, Bathols, Janice, and Scott, John K. 2012 climate data, historical climate, bioclimatic modeling, climate change projections
Conservation International Downscaled Climate Projections Conservation International climate data, climate change projections
LOCA Statistical Downscaling (Localized Constructed Analogs) David W. Pierce 2016 downscaled climate data, climate change projections, downscaling
Magnitude of Climate Change Point Blue Conservation Science 2011 climate change
North American Regional Climate Change Assessment Program National Center for Atmospheric Research 2012 climate data, climate change projections
The Basin Characterization Model Flint, Lorraine E., Alan L. Flint, USGS Water Science Center 2014 climate change, hydrology, watersheds, water balance
WorldClim - Global Climate Data Hijmans, Robert J., Cameron, Susan E., and Parra, Juan L. climate data, climate change projections, historical climate