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Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Strategies for Focal Resources of the Sierra Nevada vulnerability assessment, Sierra Nevada
Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Planning for National Forest Lands in Southern California climate-smart conservation, forest management
Vulnerability Analysis and Monitoring Program for Detecting Changes in San Francisco Bay Tidal Marsh Bird Populations
Tracking Landscape Change in the Central Valley
Tidal Marsh Bird Population and Habitat Assessment
Setting Regional Strategies for Invasive Plant Management
Sea-level rise modeling across the California salt marsh gradient
San Francisco Bay Area Upland Habitat Goals
Maximizing evolutionary potential under climate change in southern California protected areas.
Incorporating the geography of climate change into conservation planning
Effects of Climate Change on Inland Fishes of California
Effects of climate change on California tiger salamanders in the Central Valley California tiger salamander, amphibians, vernal pools
Ecologically Relevant Pacific Coastal Fog Datasets
Decision support for climate change adaptation and fire management strategies for at risk species in southern California
Decision Support for Adaptive Tidal Wetland Restoration and Management
Confronting uncertainty in species distribution projections
Climate-Driven Alteration of Intertidal Habitats for Migratory Birds in the San Francisco Bay Estuary migratory birds, benthic macroinvertebrates
Climate Change/Land Use Change Scenarios for Habitat Threat Assessments on California Rangelands rangelands
Assessing and Mapping Rare Plant Species Vulnerability to Climate Change
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