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Decision Support for Adaptive Tidal Wetland Restoration and Management

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To be successful, natural resource managers need to synthesize diverse information on the effects of management actions, climate change and other stressors on wildlife populations at appropriate scales. The project team will develop a Decision Support Tool (DST) that integrates the results of multi-disciplinary, multi-taxa modeling allowing users to project outcomes of conservation actions, accounting for effects of climate change and other stressors. This DST builds on work to improve a sea level rise tool for adaptive tidal wetland restoration and management. The DST will provide information on how restoration can increase population resilience and long-term persistence at multiple scales for multiple species throughout the estuary and will work closely with ongoing efforts such as Our Coast-Our Future, the Baylands Goals Climate Change Technical Update and Adapting to Rising Tides to maximize conservation benefit.

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An Improved Decision Support Tool for Adaptive Tidal Wetland Restoration and Management
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Julian Wood,
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Products of this project

Titlesort descending Deliverable Type Release Date Commons Catalog Record or External Link
Bird distribution layers Datasets / Database Jan 2015
Conservation priority maps Datasets / Database Jan 2015
Elevation layers Datasets / Database Jan 2015
New/Improved Future San Francisco Bay Tidal Marshes a Climate Smart Planning Tool Applications and Tools Jul 2014
SF Bay Sea Level Rise Decision Support Tool Workshop for North Bay Managers Training / Outreach / Workshop May 2012
Training: Bay-Delta Conference, Sediment Management Workshop Training / Outreach / Workshop Sep 2014
Training: SFBJV Conservation Delivery Committee Training / Outreach / Workshop Sep 2014
Webinar Trainings Training / Outreach / Workshop Feb 2015