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Climatic context and ecological implications of summer fog decline in the coast redwood region Johnstone, J. A., and T. E. Dawson 2010 fog, redwoods
Coastal Fog, Climate Change, and the Environment Torregrosa, A., T. O’Brien, and I. C. Faloona December, 2014 fog
GOES-derived fog and low cloud indices for coastal north and central California ecological analyses Torregrosa, A., C. Combs, and J. Peters February, 2016 fog
Marine fog: A review Koračin, D., C. E. Dorman, J. M. Lewis, J. G. Hudson, E. M. Wilcox, and A. Torregrosa 2014 fog
Marine fog: a review Koračin, Darko, Clive E. Dorman, John M. Lewis, James G. Hudson, Eric M. Wilcox, and Alicia Torregrosa 2014 fog, marine ecosystems, microclimatology
Spatial and temporal patterns of cloud cover and fog inundation in coastal California: Ecological implications Rastogi, Bharat, A. Park Williams, Douglas T. Fischer, Sam Iacobellis, Kathryn McEachern, Leila Carvalho, Charles Jones, Sara A. Baguskas, and Christopher J. Still. 2016 fog, bioclimatic modeling
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Decadal Summertime Fog & Coastal Low Cloud Dataset for North and Central Coastal California for 1999-2009 Alicia Torregrosa Feb. 2016 fog
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