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Annualized Solar Irradiation Across Southern California Hollander, Allan D. December 2016 microclimatology, ecosystem services
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Cross-scale modeling of surface temperature and tree seedling establishment in mountain landscapes Dingman, John R., Sweet, Lynn C., McCullough, Ian, Davis, Frank W., Flint, Alan, Franklin, Janet, and Flint, Lorraine E. 2013 microclimatology, bioclimatic modeling, surface temperature
Hydrologic refugia, plants, and climate change McLaughlin, Blair C., David D. Ackerly, P. Zion Klos, Jennifer Natali, Todd E. Dawson, and Sally E. Thompson 2017 climate refugia, hydrology, microclimatology, climate change impacts on biodiversity, oak woodlands
Marine fog: a review Korańćin, Darko, Clive E. Dorman, John M. Lewis, James G. Hudson, Eric M. Wilcox, and Alicia Torregrosa 2014 fog, marine ecosystems, microclimatology
Microclimate modelling at macro scales: a test of a general microclimate model integrated with gridded continental-scale soil and weather data Kearney, Michael R., Shamakhy, Alireza, Tingley, Reid, Karoly, David J., Hoffmann, Ary A., Briggs, Peter R., and Porter, Warren P. 2013 bioclimatic modeling, microclimatology, climate data
Microclimatic challenges in global change biology Potter, Kristen A., Woods, H. Arthur, and Pincebourde, Sylvain 2013 bioclimatic modeling, species distribution modeling, microclimatology
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