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This project developed a foundation for monitoring environmental change by identifying where and what to monitor in order to evaluate climate-change impacts. Phase 1 focused on landbirds, however a framework was developed that recommends standardized monitoring for other taxa and environmental attributes. Phase II Deliverables produced as part of this proposed work include a Business Plan that will 1) refine site selection by developing a decision model in combination with analyses of sites (or clusters of sites) arrayed by climate space, 2) work with the LCC science committee, Joint Ventures, and other partners to choose a manageable number of core monitoring variables, 3) develop and/or adopting existing protocols for those variables, 4) provide cost estimates/variable/station, and 5) provide a cost estimate for an online data management system.

Project results may be found at the Environmental Change Network website.

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How do we monitor the ecological consequences of climate change? Developing an Environmental Change Network in the California LCC
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Sam Veloz,
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Products of this project

Title Deliverable Typesort ascending Release Date Commons Catalog Record or External Link
ECN Website Website
ECN Business Plan
Bird Community Turnover Datasets / Database Oct 2012
Current and Projected Vegetation Datasets / Database Oct 2012
Bird Species Richness Response to Climate Change Datasets / Database Oct 2012
Bird Distribution Responses to Climate Change Datasets / Database Oct 2012
Magnitude of Climate Change Datasets / Database Oct 2012
Conservation Prioritization for California Landbirds Datasets / Database Oct 2012