Central Valley LCP: Desert and Grasslands Conservation Science Library

Priority Sub-habitats
Vernal pools and swales
San Joaquin desert

Available Maps:
Grasslands/Desert scrub
Vernal Pools
Priority Species Groups & Species

Burrowing mammals
Vernal pool crustaceans
Blunt-nosed leopard lizard

Existing Vulnerability Assessments:

Priority Resources
Climate Change Vulnerability Species Scores for California Bird Species of Special Concern Gardali, et. al. Burrowing owl California-wide
Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment of Rare Plants California Department of Fish & Wildlife Vernal pool plants California-wide

Modeling / Projections

Priority Resources
Threat Assessments for California Rangelands USGS Western Geographic Science Center Wildlife habitat provided by rangelands Current and projected for 2 climate models; Central Valley and foothills
Modeling Bird Distribution Responses to Climate Change: A mapping tool to assist land managers and scientists in California Point Blue Conservation Science Grassland and desert bird species, grassland and desert vegetation Projected future distributions for 2 models; California-wide

Conservation Science References:

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Type: Tool
Titlesort descending Creator Date Subjects
Modeling Bird Distribution Responses to Climate Change Point Blue Conservation Science