Web Resources for 2013 SDM Workshop

The following is a list of web resources and datasets suggested for reference at the September 2013 workshop on species distribution modeling and conservation planning.

Site Data Type Download format Extent Time Period Collection Protocols URL
Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) Occurrence xml, kml, csv Global ? Varies, but primarily museum records
CA Natural Diversity Database Occurrence ascii, esri, pdf, xml, exe California ? Point count
eBird Occurrence csv Global 2002-present point count, transect, area searches
NatureServe Occurrence esri North America 1974-present element occurence ranking?
BISON Occurrence Global point count, transect, area searches (uses
Avian Knowledge Network Occurrence Global
CA Climate Commons Climate data California Historic; Current; Future
PRISM Climate data United States Historic; Current
WorldClim Climate data Global Historic; Current; Future
Conservation International Climate data Global Future
CliMond Climate data Global Historic; Current; Future
Climatic Research Unit Climate data Global
Climate Wizard Climate data Global
NARCCAP Climate data North America
USGS Climate data North America
World Climate Research Programme (WCRP)
Coupled Model Intercomparison Project
Climate data United States
IPCC Climate data Global
Data Basin Climate Center Climate data
DAYMET Climate data United States, Mexico and Canada
Data Basin Decision support tool
Environmental Change Network Decision support tool
Future San Francisco Bay Tidal
Decision support tool
Pacific Northwest Climate Change Avian
Decision support tool
Landscape Conservation Coops
Soil Survey Geographic (SSURGO)
Soil data spatial tabular data United States
LANDFIRE Vegetation, Disturbance United States
Landsat Remote Sensed tiff file format Global
MODIS Remote Sensed tiff file format Global
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