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Note to the user: These articles were written between 2010 and 2018 to help conservation managers understand major climate change topics and quickly access important resources about them. They have not been updated since the date at the bottom of each article.

An Overview of Climate Change Assessments and Reports
Understanding Sea Level Rise
About General Circulation Models
What is Downscaling?
Why So Many Climate Models?
About Raster Resolutions
Intro to Climate and Weather Observation Data
About the Basin Characterization Model Datasets

Drought and Climate Change
Biodiversity and Climate Change
Wildfire and Climate Change
Water Resources and Climate Change
Rangelands and Climate Change
Atmospheric Rivers and Climate Change
Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Climate Change
Ecosystem Services and Climate Change

Intro to Climate-Smart Conservation
Conducting a Vulnerability Assessment
Intro to Scenario Planning
Intro to Species Distribution Modeling
Evaluating the Impacts of Sea Level Rise
Climate Change Vulnerability of Rare Plants
Informing Land Use Decisions on California Rangelands
Vulnerability of Tidal Marsh Birds to Climate Change
Vulnerability and Adaptation of Resources of the Sierra Nevada

Fire and Fuels Management: The Ojai Community Defense Zone Project
Grazing Management: The Lower Piru Rangelands Project
Restoration and Planting: San Diego River Coastal Sage Scrub
Restoration Project

Watershed Improvement: The Trabuco Creek Watershed Improvement Project

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Saving Tidal Marshes in the San Francisco Bay
Preventing the Spread of Invasive Plants
Sediment Strategy Seeks to Save Salt Marsh Species
A Climate-Smart Recovery Plan for an Endangered Butterfly
Ranchers in Marin County Consider Carbon Credits

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