Major Articles on the Climate Commons

Climate Commons Articles provide background about the data found on the Commons and the science that produced it. Important concepts are explained and additional resources provided for further reading. These pages lead to more materials found in the Commons to support improved understanding of climate change science and its application to conservation decision-making.

Articles by Type

Article Type: Featured Concept
Article Typesort descending Title
Featured Concept About Global Climate Models
Featured Concept About Raster Resolutions
Featured Concept Carbon Sequestration
Featured Concept Climate and Weather Observation Data
Featured Concept What is Downscaling?
Featured Concept About Emission Scenarios
Featured Concept Biodiversity and Climate Change
Featured Concept Wildfire and Climate Change
Featured Concept Understanding Sea Level Rise
Featured Concept Water Resources and Climate Change
Featured Concept Resources for Evaluating the Impacts of Sea Level Rise
Featured Concept Resources for Conducting a Vulnerability Assessment
Featured Concept Regional Strategies for Sea Level Rise Adaptation
Featured Concept Climate-Smart Conservation
Featured Concept Vulnerability Assessments for California Species and Habitats
Featured Concept Atmospheric Rivers and Climate Change
Featured Concept Intro to Scenario Planning
Featured Concept Staying Current with Climate Change: Newsletters, Listservs, and Updates
Featured Concept Species Distribution Modeling
Featured Concept Why So Many Climate Models?
Featured Concept Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) Resources
Featured Concept Applying the Basin Characterization Model Dataset to Conservation Planning and Management Issues
Featured Concept Ecosystem Services and Climate Change
Featured Concept Drought and Climate Change
Featured Concept Water Years
Featured Concept Choosing Models for a Climate Change Assessment (Draft)
Article Type: Featured Resource
Article Typesort descending Title
Featured Resource The Basin Characterization Model Downscaled Climate and Hydrology Datasets
Featured Resource The Climate Smart North Bay Fact Sheet Series from NBCAI
Featured Resource About the 2014 Basin Characterization Model Dataset
Featured Resource Central Valley Conservation Efforts
Article Type: Featured Project
Article Typesort descending Title
Featured Project Modeling Sea-Level Rise in San Francisco Bay Estuary
Featured Project A Method for Assessing Climate Change Vulnerability of Rare Plants in California
Featured Project Helping Managers Assess Vulnerability of Tidal Marsh Birds to Climate Change
Featured Project Species Distribution Modeling and Conservation Planning Workshop
Featured Project The Pacific Flyway Shorebird Survey
Featured Project Connectivity and Refugia in the Sierra Nevada
Featured Project Home on the California Range, Year 2100
Featured Project How to Use the "Threat Assessments on California Rangelands" Maps to Inform Land Use Decisions
Featured Project Restoring Mountain Meadows Provides Water Supply and Habitat Benefits
Article Type: Tool List
Article Typesort descending Title
Tool List Vulnerability Assessment Tools
Tool List Sea Level Rise Analysis Tools
Article Type: Workshop
Article Typesort descending Title
Workshop Workshop: Climate-Smart Actions for Natural Resource Managers
Workshop Data Management Plans for California LCC Projects
Workshop 2013 Southern Sierra Change Adaptation Workshop
Workshop FGDC Metadata Training Webinar and Additional Resources
Workshop Workshop: Managing Rangelands in Increasingly Uncertain Times
Workshop Traditional Ecological Knowledge Training Workshop
Workshop Pacific Coast Sea-Level Rise Workshops