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Mechanisms underpinning climatic impacts on natural populations: altered species interactions are more important than direct effects Ockendon, Nancy, Baker, David J. , Carr, Jamie A., White, Elizabeth C., Almond, Rosamude E. A., Amano, Tatsuya, Bertram, Esther, Bradbury, Richard B., Bradley, Cassie, Butchart, Stuart H. M., Doswald, Nathalie, Foden, Wendy, Gill, David J.C. and 4 others 2014 biodiversity, biotic interactions, bioclimatic modeling
Assessing Vulnerability of Tidal Marsh Birds to Climate Change through the Analysis of Population Dynamics and Viability Nur, Nadav, Salas, Leonardo, Veloz, Samuel, Wood, Julian,Liu, Leonard, and Ballard, Grant 2012 tidal marshes, birds, population dynamics, vulnerability assessment
Stream temperature sensitivity to climate warming in California’s Sierra Nevada: impacts to coldwater habitat Null, Sarah E., Viers, Joshua H., Deas, Michael L, Tanaka, Stacy K., and Mount, Jeffrey F. 2013 water temperature, climate change impacts, aquatic ecosystems, freshwater ecosystems
Hydrologic response and watershed sensitivity to climate warming in California's Sierra Nevada Null, Sarah E., Viers, Joshua H., and Mount, Jeffrey F. 2010 hydrology, Sierra Nevada, water management
Water and Energy Sector Vulnerability to Climate Warming in the Sierra Nevada: Water Year Classification in Non-Stationary Climates Null, Sarah E., and Viers, Joshua H. 2012 climate change adaptation, water management
Carbon storage and sequestration by trees in urban and community areas of the United States Nowak, David J., Greenfield, Eric J., Hoehn, Robert E., and Lapoint, Elizabeth 2013 carbon sequestration, climate change mitigation, wildland-urban interface
Healthy Forests in a Changing Climate for People Who Steward Forestland North Bay Climate Adaptation Initiative 2013 forest management, climate change adaptation
Policy Issues in a Changing Climate For Voters, Elected Officials, Planners, and Policy Makers North Bay Climate Adaptation Initiative 2013 climate change adaptation, decision making
Rivers, Creeks, and Climate Change for People Who Live Near Waterways North Bay Climate Adaptation Initiative 2013 climate change adaptation, riparian ecosystems, biodiversity management, climate change impacts
Climate Change in the North Bay for Residents of Marin, Sonoma, and Napa Counties North Bay Climate Adaptation Initiative 2013 climate change adaptation, climate change impacts, climate change assessment
Supporting local climate change adaptation: Where we are and where we need to go Nordgren, John, Missy Stults, and Sara Meerow 2016 climate change adaptation, adaptation planning, human communities
Western Regional Action Plan (WRAP) : NOAA Fisheries climate science strategy NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center November, 2016 fisheries, native fishes
Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary Climate Adaptation Plan NOAA National Marine Sanctuary Program November, 2016 vulnerability assessment, ocean acidification, sea level rise, coastal flooding, coastal adaptation planning
Planning for the Impacts of Sea Level Rise Nicholls, R.J. 2011 sea level rise
The Pacific Decadal Oscillation, Revisited Newman, Matthew, Michael A. Alexander, Toby R. Ault, Kim M. Cobb, Clara Deser, Emanuele Di Lorenzo, Nathan J. Mantua, Arthur J. Miller, Shoshiro Minobe, Hisashi Nakamura, Niklas Schneider, Daniel J. Vimont, Adam S. Phillips, and 2 others 2016 Pacific Decadal Oscillation, sea surface temperature, climate dynamics
Climate change's impact on key ecosystem services and the human well-being they support in the US Nelson, Erik J., Kareiva, Peter, Ruckelshaus, Mary, Arkema, Katie, Geller, Gary, Girvetz, Evan, Goodrich, Dave, Matzek, Virginia, Pinsky, Malin, Reid, Walt, Saunders, Martin, Semmens, Darius, and Tallis, Heather 2013 ecosystem services, biodiversity