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A Geographic Mosaic of Climate Change Impacts on Terrestrial Vegetation: Which Areas Are Most at Risk? Ackerly, D. D., W. K. Cornwell, S. B. Weiss, L. E. Flint, and A. L. Flint June, 2015 vegetation modeling, biodiversity
A Seamless, High-Resolution Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of the North-Central California Coast Foxgrover, Amy C. and Barnard, Patrick L. 2012 elevation data, coastal zone management
Adapting to Climate Change State of the Science for North Bay Watersheds: A Guide for Managers Lisa Micheli, Lorraine Flint, Alan Flint, Morgan Kennedy,Stuart Weiss, Ryan Branciforte December, 2010 downscaling, hydrology, case studies
Climate Change Adaptations for Local Water Management in the San Francisco Bay Area Sicke, William S., Lund, Jay R., and Medellin-Azuara, Josué 2012 climate change adaptation, water management
Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerabilities, and Adaptation in the San Francisco Bay Area: A Synthesis of PIER Program Reports and Other Relevant Research Ekstrom, Julia A., and Moser, Susanne C. 2012 climate change adaptation, vulnerability assessment
Climate Change in the North Bay for Residents of Marin, Sonoma, and Napa Counties North Bay Climate Adaptation Initiative 2013 climate change adaptation, climate change impacts, climate change assessment
Climate Change Vulnerability of Freshwater Fishes of the San Francisco Bay Area Quiñones, Rebecca M., Moyle, Peter B. 2014 vulnerability assessment, fish, native fishes, alien species
Coastal infrastructure: a typology for the next century of adaptation to sea-level rise Hill, Kristina 2015 coastal zone management, coastal adaptation planning, sea level rise
Downscaling future climate projections to the watershed scale: a North San Francisco Bay Estuary case study Micheli, Elisabeth, Flint, Lorraine, Flint, Alan, Weiss, Stuart , and Kennedy, Morgan 2012 case studies, climate change impacts, hydrology, downscaling, Basin Characterization Model, stream flow, groundwater recharge, climatic water deficit
Economic costs of achieving current conservation goals in the future as climate changes Shaw, M. Rebecca, Klausmeyer, Kirk, Cameron, D. Richard, Mackenzie, Jason, and Roehrdanz, Patrick 2012 biodiversity, conservation planning, adaptive management
Effects of climate change on range forage production in the San Francisco Bay Area Chaplin-Kramer, Rebecca and George, Melvin R. 2013 rangelands, climate change impacts, climate change projections
Fine-scale hydrologic modeling for regional landscape applications: the California Basin Characterization Model development and performance Flint Lorraine E., Flint, Alan L., Thorne, James H., and Boynton, Ryan 2013 water balance, hydrology, downscaling, climatic water deficit
Healthy Forests in a Changing Climate for People Who Steward Forestland North Bay Climate Adaptation Initiative 2013 forest management, climate change adaptation
High Resolution Climate-Hydrology Scenarios for San Francisco’s Bay Area Weiss, Stu, Flint, Alan, Flint, Lorraine, Hamilton, Healy, Fernandez, Miguel, and Micheli, Lisa 2013 climate change projections, regional climate models
Policy Issues in a Changing Climate For Voters, Elected Officials, Planners, and Policy Makers North Bay Climate Adaptation Initiative 2013 climate change adaptation, decision making
Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in the San Francisco Bay Area Ackerly, David D., Ryals, Rebecca A., Cornwell, Will K., Loarie, Scott R., Veloz, Sam, Higgason, Kelley D., Silver, Whendee L., and Dawson, Todd E. 2012 climate change adaptation, conservation planning, ecosystem services
Rivers, Creeks, and Climate Change for People Who Live Near Waterways North Bay Climate Adaptation Initiative 2013 climate change adaptation, riparian ecosystems, biodiversity management, climate change impacts
San Francisco Bay Area Region Report Ackerly, David, Andrew Jones, Mark Stacey, and Bruce Riordan 2018 climate change assessment, climate change impacts, human communities, climate change adaptation
SF Bay Area Map of Average Summertime Hours of Fog & Low Cloud Cover Per Day Torregrosa, A., C. Combs, and J. Peters February, 2016
Simulation of Climate Change in San Francisco Bay Basins, California: Case Studies in the Russian River Valley and Santa Cruz Mountains Flint, Lorraine.E., and Flint, Alan.L. 2012 hydrology, redwoods, climate change impacts, case studies
Targeting climate diversity in conservation planning to build resilience to climate change Heller, Nicole E., Jason Kreitler, David D. Ackerly, Stuart B. Weiss, Amanda Recinos, Ryan Branciforte, Lorraine E. Flint, Alan L. Flint, and Elisabeth Micheli 2015 resilience, conservation planning, case studies
The Terrestrial Biodiversity Climate Change Collaborative (TBC3): an Interdisciplinary Strategy for Advancing Science-based Conservation Micheli, E., and Ackerly, D. December, 2013 hydrology, biodiversity, resilience
Wintering Shorebird Monitoring Plans for Coastal California / Baja, Central Valley, and San Francisco Bay Area Reiter, M. E., W. D. Shuford, K. M. Strum, C. M. Hickey, and G. W. Page April, 2012
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Avian demographic response to climate change
San Francisco Bay Area Upland Habitat Goals
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Conservation Lands Network Explorer Tool Bay Area Open Space Council
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Future San Francisco Bay Tidal Marshes, A Climate Smart Planning Tool Point Blue Conservation Science sea level rise
Our Coast Our Future Point Blue Conservation Science sea level rise, climate change adaptation
San Francisco Bay Area Climate Action Portal Institute for Local Government climate change adaptation, climate change mitigation, greenhouse gas mitigation
The Conservation Lands Network Bay Area Open Space Council conservation planning, habitat conservation
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OCOF Sea Level Rise Impacts Data for SF Outer Bay Coast Barnard, Patrick, Amy Foxgrover, Li Erikson (USGS) 2012-11 sea level rise, coastal flooding, coastal zone management
Sea Level Rise CalFloD-3D John D. Radke and Greg S. Biging 2017 sea level rise, coastal flooding
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