Datasetsort descending Data Type Subject Coverage & Resolution Hosted Here
Geomorphons of Southern California Raster, Physiographic Data geodiversity, ecosystem services Southern California
30 meters
Impacts of sea-level rise on the California coast Sea level rise projections sea level rise Coastal California
Landsat Raster, Land cover data satellite imagery, land cover, remote sensing World
30 m
LOCA Statistical Downscaling (Localized Constructed Analogs) Downscaled climate model downscaled climate data, climate change projections, downscaling United States
1/16th degree
Magnitude of Climate Change Downscaled climate model, Climate Change Impact Assessment climate change California
MC1 Simulation Results California - 10km spatial grain Ecosystem process model vegetation, fire frequency, wildfire, carbon storage California
10 km
Modeled Wave Energy for SF Inner Bay Tidal Marshes Sea level rise projections, Ecosystem process model sea level rise, aquatic ecosystems Yes
Monthly Summertime Fog & Coastal Low Cloud Cover Dataset for North and Central Coastal California from 1999-2009 Raster grid, Meteorological Data fog, coastal adaptation planning Central coastal California, Northern Coastal California
4 km
Multi-source Land Cover Data Raster, Land cover data land cover, biotic communities, land use California
100 meters
National Biomass and Carbon Dataset carbon storage, forest management, biomass Conterminous United States
30 meters
North American Regional Climate Change Assessment Program Climate change model data, Downscaled climate model climate data, climate change projections North America
50 km
OCOF Sea Level Rise Impacts Data for SF Inner Bay Coast Sea level rise projections sea level rise San Francisco Bay and Estuary
OCOF Sea Level Rise Impacts Data for SF Outer Bay Coast Sea level rise projections sea level rise, coastal flooding, coastal zone management San Francisco Bay Area
Plant Profiles and Vulnerability Scores for 156 Rare Plants of California Tabular, Climate Change Impact Assessment vulnerability assessment, rare plants California
Plant Species and Climate Profile Predictions Species distribution model, Biogeographic Model vegetation distribution, bioclimatic modeling Western United States
30 arcseconds
Predicted Effects of Climate Change on Inland Fishes of California spreadsheet, Climate Change Impact Assessment, Biogeographic Model fish, biodiversity California
PRISM Climate Data Gridded weather data, Meteorological Data climate data, historical climate Conterminous United States
4 km and 800 m
Projected climate change and urbanization impacts on the distribution of five Southern California species Species distribution model, Climate Change Impact Assessment big-eared woodrat, California gnatcatcher, Ceanothus greggii, Ceanothus verrucosus, Tecate cypress, species distributions, species distribution modeling, biodiversity Southern California
Projected Impacts of Climate Change on Intraspecific Variation Maps, Climate Change Impact Assessment population genetics
Raster Datasets: Integrated Scenarios for Assessing Threats to Ecosystem Services on California Rangelands Raster, Climate Change Impact Assessment, Land cover data climate change impacts, rangelands California Central Valley
250 meters